Call for a community manager

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The Replicant project is looking for a community manager.

The role of the community manager is to fill the gap between Replicant developers and users, making sure that users' concerns are properly addressed while at the same time freeing the developers from the burden of running the community. The community manager should also foster collaborations between Replicant and other free software projects.


The range of tasks will be very diverse. For instance:

  • Interact with users through our various channels: IRC, forum, mailing list, bug tracker and blog comments.
  • Help users fix common problems by pointing them to the relevant documentation.
  • Help users write proper bug reports.
  • Explain the design decisions that were taken during Replicant's development as well as the philosophical stand of the project.
  • Improve the wiki documentation, specially the end-user part.
  • Reach out to other free software projects in order to share work and reuse code between them and Replicant.
  • Keep an eye on work being done on other free software projects that may benefit Replicant.
  • Represent Replicant at conferences/events and coordinate the organization of such events.
  • Promote Replicant and free software both online and offline, through promotional material, blog posts and likes.
  • Supervise and promote fund-raising activities in collaboration with the FSF.
  • Manage applications for paid development work and help developers with paperwork and bureaucratic fullfilments.

It will be up to the community manager to decide which tasks to prioritize to best help the Replicant project.


In order to accomplish these tasks we believe that the community manager should be an individual with an extensive knowledge of Replicant and free software in general, probably acquired through years of usage and research. It should also be someone with good communication skills and ability to handle conflicts. Availability to travel long-distance in order to represent Replicant at events is also taken into account.


Tracking each single action is not desirable nor an efficient use of time. Therefore, accountability will be mostly handled through
a newsletter that should be prepared by the community manager. The content and periodicity of this newsletter will be up for the community manager to decide. It should not be focused on what the community manager has been doing, but rather on what is going on in the Replicant community and in other relevant free software projects.

In case any issues arise, the Steering Committee will decide on the continuation of the role by taking into account input from the developers, users and the community manager.


The community manager will engage in a contracting agreement with the FSF and be paid from the Replicant funds.

We expect that the workload will be around 80 hours per month. Although, it should be noted that this will be highly variable. Some months, like those when conferences take place, may require extra hours of work, while others may require much less.

How to apply

If you want act as the Replicant project's community manager please send your proposal to the public mailing list and tell us shortly (max ~300 words) why you would be the ideal fit for this role.

We can be contacted privately at the Replicant contact address but at the end of the day a formal proposal will need to be made publicly on the mailing list.

Please submit your proposal by latest 15th of December 2020, 21:00 UTC.

The Replicant Steering Committee (with help from dllud)

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RE: Call for a community manager - Added by Andrew - over 3 years ago

I like this initiative, the more I think about it the more benefits such person can provide to project. On the other hand, it will be challenge to find such person, please if needed consider more time that may pass till we find this person. I keep my fingers crossed.