Thank you!

Added by Manu M almost 7 years ago

Hey everyone!

I'm new to Replicant, but I like it very much and wanted to thank all of you for your great job! I really appreciate your effort and hard work. I admit, the change from proprietary software to free software is sometimes hard, but I like the feeling of "not paying with my soul" for a free service.
Unfortunately I can't code, so I will not be able to contribute to Replicant. Yet. But some money was given to the FSF to support you.

Keep up your excelent work. You are the good guys.

Best wished for your future and have a nice holiday season,

PS: I hope this entry in the forum is ok.

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RE: Thank you! - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 7 years ago

Well, such enthusiasm towards our project is always something very nice to see and very encouraging too!
Posting such a message in the forums is alright and more than that, it's quite welcome :)