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Added by Joss Classey about 6 years ago

So I'm building a new portfolio at the moment, and thought how better to fill it up than to do some actual real life work for some awesome projects like this one!

Firstly I'll just show you a basic change, which is a change to the font in the logo.

The font is Confidel and can be downloaded here: -- it is free to use for any purpose.

I wanted to experiment with making the robot more 3D. Initially I wasn't aware that the vector for the robot was freely available to download, so I went about re-drawing it from scratch. Of those of you who notice any differences between the two, I hope they do not seem too great. I did consciously try to make it look a bit sharper, but maybe you're all perfectly happy with how it is anyway. If you are, don't hesitate to say. I can take the criticism.

The one on the far left is the re-drawn 2D robot. The rest 3D versions.

Here's some cuteness:

More cuteness!

Original robot with love + new font:

As this is a collaborative work, I thought it was nice having multiple robots holding hands :)

EDIT: Also I thought as it's "replicant", why not have replicated robots? :P

Lemme know what you all think :)

(I have attached SVG files)

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RE: Logo and Graphics Work - Added by Paul Kocialkowski about 6 years ago

As you can probably see, we have decided to go with a change in the font, one that matches your proposal but is not exactly the same, as your font wasn't free artwork. The one I picked instead is League Gothic from the League of Movable types. Thanks for your proposal! We are still going to keep our good old Replicant robot though :)

RE: Logo and Graphics Work - Added by Joss Classey almost 6 years ago

Hey, thanks for getting back to me! Great to see you changed up the font! I'd say it definitely looks smarter :)

Sorry about the original font I linked to. I guess I didn't think about the whole copyright thing hard enough :P I must say as well though, the one you found is very similar! :)