How about a About-page?

Added by Twipster Smart almost 10 years ago

Hello folks,

at first I hope you can understand my Englisch. I am linking in my signature to on a CyanogenMod forum, but I am missing an About-page. Folks can reading the newest Replicant blog stuff but I can't found any About-page with the goals of the project. Is it possbile that I am blind or is there not that page? If not I am mention that kind of page :P

Big up from Germany

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RE: How about a About-page? - Added by Jonas Fitz almost 10 years ago

Hi there,

what kind of information exactly do you expect to find in the mentioned about-page?
To put it simple: Replicant is a fully free/FLOSS mobile phone OS based on Dalvik/Android.

Goals seem to be: Write code in order to substitute any proprietary driver/software with a FLOSS replacement.
Get rid of bugs etc. Check Roadmap for more.

More info to be found at Wikipedia.

Blind bist Du vielleicht nicht, aber dein Englisch ist leider nicht gut genug, als dass man deine Absicht/Frage genau verstehen könnte.

Viele Grüße,

PS: IMO the Free Software Foundation's website on Replicant is a good start:

RE: How about a About-page? - Added by Twipster Smart almost 10 years ago

Hallo Jonas,

your simplified text what Replicant is, is nowthere find on the project page. At least I don't have see this. If you point to in the web and people look at this and have no idea what it is, it is not related to them. I'm a senior C++ developer and have no idea to FLOSS as long as you posted the reply. I know FOSS, but FLOSS was new. Imagine a common Android user who look to Replicant, how can he know the advantage of the project? There are no facts about the project. You mentioned the page on FSF, but can you imagine that others don't know FSF? Of course you can search on Wikipedia, but if you do, there is an entry about the movie Blade Runner from 1982.
What exacly i think is an about page what the goals of the project are and what the advantage is, if you use Replicant, what it is.
The most flash-willing people are interested to the modem module what is used and so on, even technical questions.

Please don't misinterpret my questions, I am interested to Replicant, but this is what I think about the informations I can retrieve. Maybe it is the wine to speak out of me...

Best regards

RE: How about a About-page? - Added by Jonas Fitz almost 10 years ago

Okay, guess I now got your point.

We do want condensed information about the Replicant project in order to enthuse people, thus gettting more attention and probably more support from programmers etc.

Good idea.

Kind regards,

RE: How about a About-page? - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 10 years ago

You're perfectly right, I've already been told a few times to add an About page. I'll do it at some point in the near future.