New to Replicant - Moto G?

Added by Sonic Rain over 8 years ago

Hooray! I just joined the Replicant project. As a brand-new smartphone user, I would like to start using/developing an open-source OS on my phone. Perhaps you all can help me out.

I have a few questions regarding Replicant: As a privacy concerned individual:
  • Would you recommend using Ubuntu Touch or Firefox OS instead of Android?
  • How much of Android contains tracking code?
  • Is it worth not using Android?

Thanks for any replies!

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RE: New to Replicant - Moto G? - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 8 years ago

  • Replicant doesn't work on the Moto G, sorry (you can find reasons why on the forums, we probably already evaluated it)
  • Currently, the device that works best with Replicant is the Galaxy S 2 (I9100) but the GTA04 is the best device for freedom and security/privacy: we're currently working on it but it'll be fully supported eventually
  • There are some Tasks left to improve Replicant, maybe you can pick one that you can work on
  • Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS are equally as bad as Android. I suggest you use a community Android version such as CyanogenMod or OmniROM if Replicant is not a possibility for you
  • AOSP includes some known tracking features that are removed in Replicant, such as the URL field keylogger in the browser and CyanogenMod implements even more
  • Of course, manufacturer derivatives of Android may contain even more nasty software (such as CarrierIQ, etc): you should never use these versions!