Future years at the "Activities" page of Gitorius

Added by looking_for freedom almost 6 years ago

If you visit the Gitorius "Activities" page for Replicant:

you will see that the first 3 activities show future years:

Saturday, April 25 2037
Wednesday, August 14 2030
Friday, April 5 2019

I have reported it to the Gitorius support, and they say that:

  • it is not an error in the repo (the repo is fine)
  • it is probably due to a bad time set in the committer's computer.

It sounds strange to me that the commit date is set by the user's computer date, not by the git server date. Anyway I bet there is some way to fix it. Perhaps some admin of the Gitorius account can fix it? (Paul K?)

That is the reason why those 3 activities always appear as the first items in the "Development" section (left column) of the new homepage draft (see ).

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RE: Future years at the "Activities" page of Gitorius - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 6 years ago

Gitorious is right, it's just people with bad timestamps who committed stuff that ended up in our repos (kernel here).
There is nothing we can do to fix it, be we can workaround on home pages!