Replicant SSL certificate error

Added by Adric ≈ over 8 years ago

Hi Paul & all,

When I accessed in Firefox I got an SSL error and I had to create an exception. Similar problem in Safari.

I noticed that you're using Gandi, which I also use. I've got their Simple Hosting package. I actually had the same SSL error from my sites and for a while Gandi's SSL set up seemed confusing.

Here's a key detail: For whatever reason, Gandi does not delete the current certificate even after completing the request for a new one. So you have to remove the old certificate (as per their wiki) before you can add it. You will never see an "Add certificate" button anywhere, just an icon with mouse-over text that says "Remove certificate" or similar. Click that, remove the old one and then add the new one.

Hope this helps-

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RE: Replicant SSL certificate error - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 8 years ago

Thanks for sharing these details, but we are only using Gandi as registrar for our domain name, not for their SSL certificate service. Instead, we use CaCert, which is not included out of the box in most systems and browsers.