Fervi's wishlist

Added by Fervi Verus over 5 years ago


This is my wishlist, talk about it :D

1) I would recommend that each page on your phone model from the Benchmark was information that results are achieved, so that we will know how fast are these phones
2) I do not have (unfortunately) phone with a Replicant, but applications (eg. Camera, calculator) should be the same version (and signed with the same key) at the F-Droid, because sometimes an application has an update [in F-droid] (I suppose that the calculator in Replicant in version 4.2), and the F-droid can provide a newer version of the application (with new additions etc.)
3) Maybe Replicant should be more integrated with ARM Linux? Busybox, Coreutils, maybe Lil'debi?


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RE: Fervi's wishlist - Added by Paul Kocialkowski over 5 years ago

1. That doesn't seem very relevant given the goal of our project.
2. That's a bad idea, I want system applications to be built from source and there are numerous reasons why to not use the ones from F-Droid.
3. We already ship busybox and don't have time to add such software features. In any case, Android is not a GNU/Linux system.