Idea: Replicant store?

Added by Linus Drumbler about 7 years ago

Would it be feasible and/or profitable to you to create a store where people can buy phones with Replicant pre-installed? And might you be able to expand it to accessories such as cases with the Replicant robot? I thought of undertaking this venture myself but I didn't think it would be fair to make money from your project.

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RE: Idea: Replicant store? - Added by Paul Kocialkowski about 7 years ago

We are not really looking forward to doing that sort of things, however:
  • Replicant is not a trademark yet, though we may want to have it registered if we consider going commercial (so please don't do it before us)
  • Our logo is CC BY-SA so you can use it as you wish, even commercially
  • Replicant software is free software, so you can reuse it commercially without asking for any particular permission. We'd be happy to see phones selling with Replicant preinstalled, but that may be hard depending on your legislation, because of patent issues. Maybe a shop could offer installing Replicant as a (paid) service on a supported phone, which would make sense, but we rather encourage non-commercial community help for installing.

Also, if you ever make money out of it and think we deserve a compensation for it, feel free to donate some money to our project. We developers are currently happy with doing this without being paid (the donations money cannot be used as a salary for us). And personally, I probably wouldn't do it for money since people expect reliability and stuff that actually works when they pay for software, and I don't want to have to live up to these expectations ;)