Replicant 4.2

Added by Linus Drumbler about 7 years ago

You've mentioned this version once or twice on these forums. When is its release planned? What new features and/or device support will it bring?

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RE: Replicant 4.2 - Added by Paul Kocialkowski about 7 years ago

So far, I've only tested to build CyanogenMod without the blobs for the Nexus S, modified some components to make it work the Android software EGL implementation, and tried mesa both with softpipe and llvmpipe. While performances with the Android EGL are not as good as they were with ICS (it's even slower), they are considerably better than what comes out of mesa: softpipe returns something like a frame every 3 or 4 seconds while llvmpipe is better but not anywhere close to the Android EGL software, so we'll probably stick to it for 4.2, making old phones even slower and hopefully, we'll be able to use mesa DRM with some exynos devices. There isn't much we can do about the "old" devices like Galaxy S and Nexus S. Maybe it'd be better to maintain 4.0 for these. We'll have to see.

Here is a video of what it looks like on the Nexus S (that's with fully free software):

RE: Replicant 4.2 - Added by Jean-Philippe Baril almost 7 years ago

I had a look at the Nexus S Replicant 4.2 video, you call that "slow" ? That looks pretty much the same than my NS on CM 10 (Android 4.1)

RE: Replicant 4.2 - Added by Paul Kocialkowski almost 7 years ago

Well, maybe the video doesn't reflect the slowness enough, but it really is slow compared to other devices, such as the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 2 or the Galaxy S2.