[privacy] specify unfiltered DNS-server(s) of your choice

Added by My Self over 3 years ago

I've searched a lot of time for a solution to set my own specified DNS server(s) on Android.
Finally I found DNS man and figured out, that this app is not just for Wi-Fi, it works really great for mobile data, too:
  • Just type inside the app your primary and secondary, (or one IP for both) under the 'Global' tagged boxes,
  • switch to 'Airplane Mode' (to close all connections)
  • switch off 'Airplane Mode' again to reconnect and grant the DNS man app root rights in the upcoming request,
    (that the /etc/resolv.conf could be modified dynamically on every reconnect)
  • done.

Over this way you could set your (uncensored/unfiltered) DNS-server(s). If you don't know one, just let you inspire here: