All Data Available after Factory Reset and New Installation

Added by Bas H. over 4 years ago


I flashed a Galaxy S3 with replicant for a friend. Deleted all data and installed it, she calle me later and said, that there were all of my picture still left on the phone. Today I tried the same with two Galxy S2 Phones:

1. I used it nearly one year with full encryption and without a SD card. Made factory reset, go threw all wipe functions in the recovery menu and installed replicant 6 over adb. And still all pictures from the first install are in the gallery and most of the user folder are still there.

2. A Galaxy S2 I bout a couple of weeks ago. There was still the stock android on it, so I loaded the recovery with heimdall, went to all "wipe" options and installed replicant via adb. Here are all user data still available, Whatsapp, Facebook folder, pictures etc.
So I made factory reset out of replicant, but it seems to be the same?

Am I doing something completely wrong? I thought when there was full encryption on the phone and no sd card, all the data where inside. And also when I make "factory reset" out of replicant and wipe with the recovery, all data wpuld be deleted? So who is that possible?

Sorry for my English, if someone needs more information just ask. Maybe someone could test it on another phone? I used replicant 6 from the homepage.


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RE: All Data Available after Factory Reset and New Installation - Added by green blue over 4 years ago

The partitioning on the S2 (i9100) is... special. Just installing Replicant does not change that. From my experience, neither does the encryption affect the user data, nor does a full wipe remove them. This is specific to the S2, you could re-partition it, but I don't think it's easy. There is probably a ticket describing this behavior?

On the S3 (i9300) however, both encryption and wiping should work, at least after you've installed Replicant. Perhaps you did the wipe when the old Android version was still running, and that was insufficient?