DNSCrypt on Replicant?

Added by John R over 1 year ago


I am new to Replicant. I installed it recently on an S3 I9300.

I would like to use DNSCrypt for better network security. On my GNU/Linux computers I use dnscrypt-proxy. How can I do this correctly on Replicant?

*I asked this in the mailing list but it seems there aren't many people using it, so I hope to get some help with this here.

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RE: DNSCrypt on Replicant? - Added by Xan VFR over 1 year ago

Hi, John:

I use Invizible Pro, wich allows to use DNSCrypt, Tor and/or I2P without root.

Best regards

RE: DNSCrypt on Replicant? - Added by John R over 1 year ago


I know that this app exists. However, I am looking for a "clean" way to install dnscrypt-proxy, i.e. not through apps with whatever irrelevant-to-the-task permissions or features. I would like to do it through ADB.

So far, I have been able to download the dnscrypt-proxy binary for Android from the official repo's release. However, I am facing difficulties with starting the service automatically on boot. Manual starting seems to work, although I don't think the actual resolving goes through DNSCrypt (and only through it). How do I know? - I created a simple blocked_names list adding only one domain to it for the sake of testing and it is not blocked. I can still browse to that domain.

[The official documentation regarding Android]( says root and init.d are required. We have both on Replicant. However, that "system/etc/init.d/99dnscrypt" script mentioned in the doc does not exist anywhere - neither in the source code, nor in any of the releases (yes, I downloaded all of them starting from 2.0.6 which was the first one introducing Android binaries).

As a whole this official doc seems unrelated to the current state of things. Digging deeper I found this in GitHub's issues comments:

It includes some init.d script but it is so over-complicated and the author's code is not quite clean. I tested it but it doesn't load the service correctly for some reason.

So, I am still looking for a clean and working solution.