Issues with replicant - samsung S3

Added by i'm an idiot over 8 years ago

I have some issues with replicant installed on my samsung galaxy S3, i have full encryption activated on the device and after unlocking it sometime i don't have any network signal (it don't ask me for my pin either), i precise : the airplane mode is not activated. I only have EMERGENCY CALL, so to go through this issue i need to reboot several time my device re-enter my passphrase and see if the problem is still there and if he is still there i need to redo this operation...

I also have an "Camera error" after having tried to activate the front camera

and i remember of one day, after having left my device in airplane mode and on battery without using it perhaps while 5 hours (i don't remember exactly) my phone have indicated the use of 60% of my battery by the "cell standby" (with a time without a signal at 100%) so... i don't really understand what happened here

i think its all

thanks folks

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RE: Issues with replicant - samsung S3 - Added by Mzee Mzee over 8 years ago

Hello i'm an idiot (I'm pretty sure you are not because otherwise you wouldn't be on this forum),

This might help with your camera issue at least:

Good luck and welcome to freedom! :-)