How to install chroot Debian to Replicant tablet over USB tethered internet?

Added by G S about 8 years ago

Hello! I have Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi (P3110) with current Replicant installed.

I managed to connect the Replicant tablet to internet using USB tethering as described on Replicant wiki.

I can browse internet from my tablet now and use F-droid application to install more apps.

Problem is - all apps which help you to install chroot linux fail with USB tethered networking.
They basically could not connect to the network and fail to download packages.

I believe this is due to non-standard network interface to be used here - my netcfg output is as follows:

lo UP

ifb0 DOWN

ifb1 DOWN

sit0 DOWN

ip6tnl0 DOWN

rndis0 UP

So all linux installers like LilDebi fail with this network setup. I raised a ticket on LilDebi site but no reply for over a month:

Any way to install chroot Debian into Replicant over USB tethered internet connection?

Thank you!

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RE: How to install chroot Debian to Replicant tablet over USB tethered internet? - Added by Tiberiu T almost 8 years ago

Hi! Please note that Debian is not a free GNU/Linux distro and if you're not extra careful, you might end up running nonfree software without even knowing it:

I've downloaded LilDebi source code but grep couldn't find any eth* or wlan* hardcoded in there. So I'm not sure that the interface name is the problem. If ping and other commands can use the Internet, so should any other application. Unless Android-based systems restrict higher-level Java applications to the use of non-standard networks. Though, if F-Droid, your browser and other apps can use the Internet, so should LilDebi provided the network interface name is not hardcoded in LilDebi (and I couldn't find proof it'd be).

These being said, you could try downloading a prebuilt image and then installing it locally with LilDebi as described here:

If this is not a good option for you, maybe you can try having the traffic forwarded to rndis0 interface (connected to Internet) from a different, more standard interface.

I hope this helps.