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I've installed Replicant on two seperate devices, and both have started having problems with overheating despite me not having changed any of the settings (that I know of) and it having worked absolutley fine for months. I'm not aware that I've changed any settings. It often leads to freezing and crashing. It also means the battery doesn't last half as long as it should.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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RE: Overheating - Added by Tiberiu T almost 8 years ago

The overheating might be related to the graphics, if that happens when you're browsing the web or playing games.

Instead of using the graphics co-processor (Mali) which requires a nonfree firmware, I believe Replicant uses the main processor for the 2d rendering and lacks 3d acceleration.

Occasional freezes and subsequent auto-reboots are known to happen in Replicant 4.2 0004. Those might be related to graphics too.

I believe the Replicant project now focuses on Replicant 6.0, so probably is worth fixing bugs in that version instead of 4.2 0004.

If you also have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone (i9300), could you test Wolfgang's Replicant 6.0 unofficial release? He has tested it on S3, but it could work on some other devices as well.

For that, please read this thread:

It could be really useful to test Wolfgang's Replicant 6.0 and come back here to share your test results. Thanks!

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