New in Replicant. Multiple issues.

Added by David Pizarro almost 3 years ago

Hi everybody. I'm a new Replicant 4.2 user, I installed it in my GT-I9300. There are some strange behaviors and problems that I have.

1) Some apps in F-Droid are in gray and cannot be installed. I know that in the options you can mark in gray apps that requires root and apps with unwanted features, but some apps that are in gray don't have the "install" button. I'd show a screenshot, but here is the other problem.

2) No screenshots. As simple as it sounds. I don't know why.

3) No video playback. I've read in the forums like here that videos can be reproduced with VLC, but I don't like that only one app can play videos. Also in web browsers, but then I read

4) Firefox and derivatives do not work (e.g. Orfox, IceCat mobile), then I read but is there any way to make it work?

5) No video recording. Although I found this but I have the nonfree firmware as explained here

6) When the screen rotates, it becomes dark for a while and then it shows image. Although it is not important, it'd be good to know al least the reason (surely it's sth. with the graphics). I've seen this before in CM ROMs.

7) When connecting my phone to my PC, which runs Parabola, I can't paste files in the root of the SD card and internal storage, but I can inside a folder. Why?

Well, anyway I'm gonna test Replicant 6 to see how it works. Thanks in advance!

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RE: New in Replicant. Multiple issues. - Added by Xan VFR almost 3 years ago

I think most of the issues are known in Replicant, as shown in the links you've provided.

About n.1 I think it has to do with minimun Android version required for that app. For example, LeafPic requires 4.4+ to run and Replicant is 4.2, so it shows gray in F-Droid in my phone.

About n.7 I guess it would probably be a permissions issue.