New user. Report of my first problems

Added by Juan Antonio Silva Villar about 2 years ago

I'm a Replicant end user. Few months ago I discovered Replicant project and decided to buy a second hand S2 to try it. It is my first smartphone. I'm using free software since year 2000, and I feel unconfortable buying an Android device, that's my reason for not to buy one of them till now.

First of all, I want to say thank to all in Replicant project. I really apreciate what you are doing.

Secondly, I'm not a computer scientist. I have some skill using computers, but that's all. But following the instructions on the Replicant site and Paul Kocialkowski blog, I managed to install Replicant. Since then, my experience is quite good.

I took advantage of my past christmas holydays to install it. Everything worked fine. Then, I tried reverse tethering to install apps, but got no success. As a result, I decided to install the propietary wifi firmware. I've installed several apps by using it. By the way, it could be nice if someone make a .deb o something to make reverse tethering more easy.

But now I experience some problems. I want to report them to help the project. The first thing that fails was the camera. It shows me the message "The has been stopped" (or similar, it's my translation, my Replicant speaks spanish). I searched the net and found many info about this problem in Android, but the solutions I found don't work in Replicant (I tried). Fortunately, I found another camera app in F-droid which works fine. So more or less I solved the problem.

The second thing is the general stability of the system. I think I didn't reboot the system in January and first half of February. I didn't need do that. But now I need to reboot the system almost every day. If don't, the device runs more slowly. Even one time my mobile froze. I don't know if it's related to the previous problem or maybe with the fact of being a second hand device.

Finally, something which it's not a problem itself. But it's something that bother me much. Once I finished the Replicant installation, I realised there were some files and folders in the memory card which belong to the previous owner. I assumed the Replicant installation makes some kind of "format /" before installing, but it doesn't. I don't dare to erase those files because I'm afraid to erase a system file by mistake. It could be great if the Replicant installation manual had the list of system folder and files, to keep our memory tidy.

Thanks in advance

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RE: New user. Report of my first problems - Added by Kurtis Hanna 8 months ago

Thanks for providing us with feedback, Juan! And thanks for articulating your gratitude for the work being done on the project. Sorry I wasn't able to respond to you until now.

Related to your reverse tethering issues, I just got done testing Wolfgang's reverse tethering scripts, SimpleRT [1], and gnirehtet [2]. All three of them gave me internet connections, but gnirehtet was the only one that worked without any issues or errors. It is the only project that is actively being maintained and I think that we should recommend it to Replicant users instead of recommending SimpleRT or Wolfgang's scripts. I should mention that I've only tested the Rust version of gnirehtet and haven't tested the Java version.


Related to your device crashing, I had similar issues with version 6.0 0002, but this was fixed in the 0003 release. If you'd like to test out the new 0004 release before it is officially released, you can find builds of it here:

Related to having files on your phone from the previous user, I suggest doing a full data wipe after you back up your own files.

If you can think of a way to better articulate in the installation instructions that people need to do a full data wipe if they want to get rid of everything on the phone, please let me know and I'll edit the wiki.

Thanks for using Replicant, and thanks once again for reporting issues to us! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to address.

In Solidarity,