Enabling llvmpipe through phone terminal?

Added by pete mars 8 days ago


Is it possible to change the renderer back and forth from android to llvmpipe from within the phone (S2) itself? I tried to create a script:


"grep -q "ro.libagl=1" /system/build.prop && sed "s/ro.libagl=1/ro.libagl=0/" -i /system/build.prop || sed "s/ro.libagl=0/ro.libagl=1/" -i /system/build.prop" 


to run from the phone terminal but it didn't work. Any help would be great so I can switch to llvmpipe and use Orfox on the go.

Thanks very much


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RE: Enabling llvmpipe through phone terminal? - Added by Thomas Kitchin 7 days ago

Whatever the command was on the wiki, I tried it and it worked when originally switching to Replicant 6 (on my s2).

Be prepared to reflash the Replicant 6 zip, however, when the phone runs so slowly that rolling back the change using the phone terminal is an exercise in insanity.

I suppose you could write a script before hand with 0 switched to 1, but even running that would take a long time.