install signal on replicant

Added by til sam over 2 years ago

how do you install on replicant 6.0? Thank you.

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RE: install signal on replicant - Added by Fil Lupin over 2 years ago

you can download this app from f-droid for using with replicant but you have to be warned before. This application has several drawback, since thay have been listed in a specific thread ( which is probably not easily foundable, I remind them here:
1. Last Silence version link is an unstable version suffering of several issues so you should install stable version if you are not ready to loose your SMS and MMS.
2. Silence do not allow to import/export MMS, so you have to be aware that you will loose all attached content of your MMS.
3. Go back to default SMS/MMS app can be tricky.

The app is accessible on

RE: install signal on replicant - Added by Fil Lupin 10 months ago

Sorry, reading again this message, I realize I was talking about Silence instead of Signal.
You can find some informations on the differences between both app here