How to copy files to external SD card in Replicant 6?

Added by Steve Biggs over 1 year ago


I had Replicant 4 on Samsung Galaxy S2. I had an external SD card. When I connected it to my computer, I was able to mount the internal SD card and the external SD card separately. I could then easily copy files, e.g. music, to the external SD card and then access it on the phone when disconnected from the computer.

I now have Replicant 6 (also on Samsung Galaxy S2). When I put the external SD card in it says something about formatting it so that only this phone can use it. Seems like added security so I click OK. However, now, when I connect my phone to my computer, I can only mount the internal SD card but not the external one. I also cannot access the external SD card from the phone. How can I set up the external SD card such that I can copy files to it while connected to my laptop and then access then from the phone when disconnected?


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RE: How to copy files to external SD card in Replicant 6? - Added by doak complex over 1 year ago

Hello Steve,

you had to choose between two options to set-up your external SD card. One is only accessible by your phone (like "internal storage"), the other is like you were used to it in previous Android versions. I haven't tried the first one by myself, but always chose "external storage" to be able to read the card by my computer directly.
I was not aware that this also has an impact when accessing the storage through the phone, but I guess this is your problem.

I don't know if you can switch this behaviour after selected once, but you could at least reformat the card at your PC and put it back into your phone, which should then ask the very same question again.


RE: How to copy files to external SD card in Replicant 6? - Added by Kurtis Hanna 6 months ago

Hello Steve,

I'm not entirely sure if this will help, but if you are still having issues, can you format your SD card as exFAT and see if it works as you'd like it to? Please let us know how it goes!