Can't Receive MMS From iPhone Users

Added by Chris Garcia almost 2 years ago

Hello All. I've looked everywhere for a solution, tried multiple ones, and none of them worked, so I made an account to see if anyone here had a fix for this. if this is the incorrect place to post this kind of issue (or if this has already been discussed, as i did a quick search to see if this was already answered but didn't find anything) then i apologize in advance.

Replicant Version: 6.0
Device Model: GT-N7100
Carrier; T-Mobile

For some reason I can not receive MMS message from anyone that has an iPhone. I never had this issue with my previous phone (which was a Samsung Galaxy S4 running the stock android kit-kat) and I can receive MMS messages from other android users (for example, my parents have the new galaxy s9+ and i can get MMS messages from them with little to no issues). I've tested this on both the Messaging app that comes with Replicant and Silence (which is the messaging app i currently use) and it doesn't work on either on. The error message i keep getting is "MMS Download Failed" or "Unable to connect to MMS server". I also tried downloading the MMS on Wifi via RepWifi and i only get the error messages faster. Also note that i can send MMS messages to BOTH Android and iPhone users just fine.

Solutions I've tried:
-Having one of the iPhone users i talk to turn off the "iMessage" feature on their end and then send me a picture.
-Making sure my APN settings were correct (and made changes if they were needed)
-Making sure nothing was blocked on my T-Mobile account and that nothing was blocked on Replicant's end

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Can't Receive MMS From iPhone Users - Added by Fil Lupin almost 2 years ago

Hi Chris,
my first though reading your post was a iMessage app, but it turns out it is not the cause since it does not occurs before with a stock ROM.

Another possible cause could be rights of your installed ROM: I encountered on my Samsung Galaxy S2 a similar issue, since MMS are stored in a different directory than SMS (in fact, only attached files are stored in a different directory).
I explained back then my issue in the following link, perhaps your issue is similar but please note I never succeed into repairing my device: