S3, problems with network log, permissions denied

Added by Carlo W. 3 months ago


first, thanks to all to their work, who were involved in the
Replicant project, which is for me the only Android OS,
with FOSS (taking into account the limitations, too).

All my tablets and more smart phones run CyanogenMod.
Some S2 run Replicant 4 since a long time.
(I don't know how Android works in details, sorry.
I managed to install CyanogenMod on XCover2, and root other XC-s.)
On these S2 I installed AFWall, too, it seems to work reliable.
These run also BusyBox, Permission Denied 3.7 (com.stericson.permissions.donate),
which worked OK on the S2. Also Network Log 2.18.0 (com.googlecode.networklog)
is installed and they work perfectly.

On the S3 with Replicant 6 I have problems with AFWall, Network Log and
Permissions Denied.

1st question:
can somebody suggest some alternatives for Network Log
and Permissions Denied? (I know Xprivacy, Xposed Installer, etc., but they work
another way as Permissions Denied.)

2nd question:
Permissions Denied does not list any apps in the tab Packages,
which it does on S2, and which is the base to disable some permissions

3rd question:
In Network Log I can't switch on Logging, I get the following error
Iptables unsupported
The kernel used by this version of Android is missing required
iptables/netfilter modules. Load the required modules or install
a supported version of Android, as CyanogenMod.

How can solve this problems?

Any help is appreciated.