Call quality and sound setting issues

Added by geb geb over 2 years ago

Hey there,

i am new to replicant - it´s also my first smartphone.
The intsallation went fine. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT I 9300 with Replicant 6.
But I have some issues.

Mainly the sound quality while having a phone call.
To landlines it is just fine, to mobile numbers it is different. To some numbers it is fine, to others it sounds like robots - but not always. I found an old thread here, saying it depends on the network service. But in my case even during a call it can change from good to bad or otherwise around - it is quite randomnly for me.

Another problem with the phone app is, that it sometimes turn my screen black and i can´t get out of it with the main button. Instead i must lock the phone with the side button and unlock it with my pin to get back to the phone to end calls.

Last but not least, i turn my phone regulary in silent mode. At one stage i wasn´t able to put it loud again, even reboot did not change this. If i press the silent button to change the setting, i see that i touched it but nothing happens. If i hold the button longer i come to a menu where i can change the settings during silent mode - there i was able to turn it lound for calls and messages (which works now). But now i am unable to turn it silent, even in the special silent mode menu - if i tell the phone to not disturb it still makes a sound for calls, messages ect.
Are there any ideas how to solve the problem?

thanks for help in advance, and sorry for my bad english

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RE: Call quality and sound setting issues - Added by Kurtis Hanna over 2 years ago

Hello geb geb,

The metalic sounding call quality issue can be found here:

It seems like temporarily disabling 3G networks and forcing 2G has worked for everyone who has tried it, but we are working towards finding a better solution.

As for the screen turning black and not being able to get back, this might be a sensor issue. Clean the phone screen to the right of the "G" in "SAMSUNG" at the top of the phone to see if it helps. If you have a crack in the screen right there, that might be the issue. It also might be a hardware issue. I don't recall anyone creating an issue about this, but it still could be a software rather than a hardware issue.

I've also not heard of anyone having the issue where the device gets stuck in silent mode or unable to put it back to silent mode. If you hit the volume buttons on the left side of the phone a menu bar should come up across the top. Perhaps try playing with the menu bar and provide some more details as to what exactly is happening when you interact with it.

Thanks for running Replicant!

RE: Call quality and sound setting issues - Added by geb geb over 2 years ago


thanks for the answer. I will try the 2G and also cleaned my display - hope it works.

About the silent mode issue:

If i press the volume buttons i see a menu where it says "silent mode" and in the right bottom corner "exit now". If i press this button i see a grey block around the "exit now", so i know i pressed the button - but nothing happens. it is the same as in the menu when i pull down the menu from the top in the main screen. If i press the button for the sound settings, i see a grey circle around the symbol for sound settings (so i know i pressed it), but nothing happens, too.

If i hold it longer i come to the menu where i can set more details for the silent mode. So at least the screen is working. But changing the settings that i get notifications for calls, does not change anything. I always get a sound when i get called, it does not matter how the settings are.

So in the end my phone says it is in silent mode - but actually it is not, and i can´t change anything about it.

RE: Call quality and sound setting issues - Added by Fil Lupin 5 months ago

I got a similar issue on Replicant 4 (I know, old version, but i still can't export my mms).

I tried Apollo and confirmed that I can hear some music and I go into /system/media/audio/ringtones/ to play some ringtones, it works.
However, When I go into settings/sound/Phone ringtone and that I test several ringtones, I hear nothing, and when I receive a phone call, I do not have any sound neither.

I found an empty /storage/sdcard0/Ringtones directory and I wonder if the ringtones path could have been changed.
Do you know where is defined this path ?