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there has been so many issues patched in android since the last replicant has been released, so how can I apply those updates now?

Unfortunately, Android 6 and Lineage 13 (in which versions Replicant 6 is based) are already discontinued, so there are no new fixes for them. There is a WIP Replicant 6 release that will include the few fixes not included in Replicant 6 0003, and some improvements for opengles, latest webview and repwifi versions etc. The only way of installing the development version is building it yourself or installing development ROMs built by us (ask at the IRC channel). In my opinion the most important upgrade is the old webview in Replicant, but newer ones absolutely need the opengles improvements.

There is also a new Replicant version in development that is going to be based on Android 9 or 10.