Custom Notifications In Replicant 6 (GT-N7100)

Added by Chris Garcia 12 months ago

Quick question regarding custom notifications/sounds

I noticed that adding custom ringtones is easy since the stock phone app will allow me to use whatever mp3 is in my SD card. However I also noticed notifications (system wide for texts, emails, etc...) is a little trickier since it will only recognize sounds in the "/system/media/audio/notifications" directory and will only recognize .ogg files. That's not a big deal, except when I tried to move my own .ogg files to that folder and then select one of them to use as a notification, the sound doesn't play. I checked the audio properties between one of my .ogg file and an .ogg file that came with Replicant and they seem to be similar (MIME Types were the same "x-vorbis+ogg" audio file with a "44100Hz Samplerate"). For the record I use Audacity to create my mp3 and ogg files. Also rebooting the phone after I stuck the ogg files in the folder didn't fix the issue.

Is there something I would have to do to my ogg files for Replicant to recognize them and play them correctly for notifications?