Galaxy Nexus I9250 Not Booting

Added by Anony Mous 25 days ago


This is the same person who made this thread (, and then solved it within minutes. Replicant is installed on my device now, but when I power it on, it gets stuck on the splash screen (where it shows the Replicant name and logo). The first time, I waited about 5 minutes for it to proceed, then turned it off. Now, I've been waiting about three hours at the same screen for it to keep going, but nothing is happening. Can anyone help me with my problem?

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RE: Galaxy Nexus I9250 Not Booting - Added by Andrés D 24 days ago

Hi Anony Mous.

Thanks for reporting. Did you wiped data when installing Replicant?

Your device is probably one of the less used with Replicant, so we don't have as much feedback as with i9100, i9300 or n7100. I have been building development roms for testing the changes in the future Replicant 6 revision, but I have not received feedback from maguro users (probably nobody has installed them). Could you try installing my builds making sure to wipe data (the content of the data partition will be lost)?

RE: Galaxy Nexus I9250 Not Booting - Added by Anony Mous 23 days ago

Hello Andrés,

I did indeed wipe my phone's data when installing for the first time.

I installed your builds (both and the maguro recovery image provided on your link). I followed the instructions on the RecoveryInstallationWithHeimdall page, followed by the Installation page exactly. I chose to install rather than upgrade the recovery image (meaning I ran heimdall flash --boot recovery-maguro.img --recovery recovery-maguro.img), since I didn't have a working Replicant installation. The only other deviation from the Wiki page was that I installed your Replicant build via adb sideload, as mentioned in this thread ( Everything else was done exactly as described in the Wiki.

Unfortunately, the result is the same: when booting, the device hangs on the splash screen page. It's been about eight minutes since I booted it up, and it is still on the splash screen (I assume it does not usually take that long). If there's any way I can give you more information, let me know.