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Can someone with experience from using Jami and Wire give a short comparison of the two?

If one is to ask people who are not necessarily free software enthusiasts to use a free software communications alternative, which of the two would be better? Or is there another alternative which is even better?

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There were some answers to this question here:

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I had to find a free and multi-platform alternative when my brother bought and iPhone (sigh!) and we tested Jami. It worked pretty well both in Android and iOS, with many useful features.

But one day it stopped working and I'm not sure if flaw is on Jami, iOS or Replicant's side. My brother had to create a new Jami account (I don't quite understand how this works, since it's supposed to create the account in the phone, but it checks if username is available, so I think some server is involved). I thought me using Tor could cause some issue, so I uninstalled Orbot but it's still not working. I haven't spent much more time on this since iOS is involved, and that's my brother's fault, not mine.

Summing up, I found Jami quite useful because it's multi-platform and its various useful features. Only thing I don't know about is if it's so decentralized as Savoir-Faire claims, because of what I said earlier. Also I don't know Savoire-Faire's reputation as far free software and privacy are concerned.