Jami app on Galaxy Note 2 (Replicant 6.0)

Added by Michal Kowalski over 4 years ago

I have been using Replicant for about four months, so I am still relatively fresh.
Generally I am very very satisfied. It's great operating system.
However, I would like to ask about one issue - I installed Jami for encrypted communication
(messages and voice calls).
And I noticed two problems, not extremely big ones, but slightly irritating:

1. the first one - very long message delivery delays. I usually use Jami to exchange messages with my
friend living abroad.
She receives my messages very quickly, within 10-20 seconds (she uses Android).
But messages sent by her often come to my smartphone delayed 2-3 hours or sometimes even 8 hours.

I wonder whether it has anything in common with Replicant? Or it is rather problem with Jami?
Maybe it is the typical disadvantage of decentralized encypted communication? And I simply should accept it?

2. - the second problem is a huge consumption of battery power - I use Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)
I installed a special enlarged battery -6200 mAh.
However, even despite that improvement, it requires charging every three days.

I checked the power consumption statistic and it says:
- 68 percent of power consumed Jami,
- about 12 percent operating system (Lineage, Android)
- 8 percent Tutanota app,
- 6 percent screen,
- 1 percent keyboard,

I would like to emphasize I don't use Jami very intensively, I send only about 10 messages per day,
so that giant energy consumption really surprised me.

My friend who uses Android (and much smaller battery)
didn't notice such the big consumption of energy.

So, again I wonder whether it has something in common with Replicant or rather with Jami?

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RE: Jami app on Galaxy Note 2 (Replicant 6.0) - Added by Xan VFR over 4 years ago

I also installed Jami because my brother switched from Google's jail to Apple's jail and we both suffer deliver delays so it's not a reliable IM for us. We haven't figured out yet the reason, but as was his choice to switch to iOS I won't spend any time investigating.

I don't see any Jami forums, so maybe you could use their "Contact us" section to ask them about your problem.

I'm trying to convince my brother to use a XMPP client (ChatSecure for iOS; I like Conversations for Replicant / Android), but I haven't used it very much. Maybe it's an alternative you could consider.

When he used Android we used Kontalk, which has delays sometimes: I guess they're related to the fact that I use F-Droid version, which doesn't use Google Cloud Messaging service, and he uses Play Store version, which uses GCM, of course. Despite that minor problem Kontalk works pretty well and it's under active development. Although it doesn't have audio and video calls, it has Group Chats, something Jami doesn't have.

As for battery consumption, you can configure battery saving for Jami in Settings -> Battery -> Activate apps profiles and then select Jami -> Select battery saving mode -> Activate -> select Battery saving.

I use Replicant in a Galaxy S3 and have no battery problems (without battery saving mode activated for Jami).

Hope this helps.