Offline maps without gps

Added by Daniel Alsace 18 days ago


I searched for a fully free software which can display offline maps. I found Zanavi, but it has many crashes and bugs, some of them are here because of there is no gps on replicant.

I must contact the developper of Zanavi to ask if he/she can add an option "no gps"? Or there is a better solution?

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RE: Offline maps without gps - Added by Xan VFR 16 days ago

I'm not quite sure to understand what you want, because I think to remember that Zanavi uses GPS (I have proprietary GPS blob installed in Replicant). I tested it a long time ago and found it buggy and ugly, so I'm using Osmand+ since, because works fine: it allows to download offline maps to browse (and navigate with GPS; no Internet conection needed), but uses some non-free services (Mapillary).

If you just need to browse maps without GPS, maybe Maps could be what you want. Another option could be OpenMultiMaps. I haven't tested any of these two programs because Osmand+ works just fine and I use AFWall+ to deny network connectivity to OsMand+. When I want to update offline maps, allow network connection in AFWall+. When finished, disable network connectivity to OsMand+.

RE: Offline maps without gps - Added by Daniel Alsace 15 days ago

What I want, it's a program which is only free software, which is not using non free services, which uses offline maps.

This problem with maps is really strange. Even for my computer I didn't find something to have real offline maps (with marble I have offline maps, but I must save the area delimited by the screen, and can't just download all the France, like Zanavi)

I want something like OpenTopoMap Viewer, but with offline maps.

Or a program which emulates a gps and give false localization, to avoid bugs when using mapping software.

I will contact people of trekarta, to ask them to make something, an option for this problem.

RE: Offline maps without gps - Added by Xan VFR 14 days ago

About giving false location, maybe Fake Traveler could be helpful (haven't used it)