[S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed

Added by Anonymous 23 days ago

Hello there,

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 and installed Replicant 6.0 0003. Everything went quite smoothly and I was able to successfully installed all the apps I needed.

However, I’m struggling with Signal. I installed the APK from their website and successfully restored my backup. Messages are fine but any audio call makes the app crash. Both receiving or making one. So, I switched the software renderer to llvmpipe, following the instructions from the wiki (

It worked, audio calls are okay and don’t crash Signal any more. But, the phone is now really slow. I got a S2 because the 2D graphics were working fast with Replicant, but it’s almost not usable with llvmpipe. Is there any way to get back up some fluidity while having llvmpipe? In the meantime, I reverted to libagl.

Or, do you have another suggestion to make Signal audio calls work while having reasonably fast 2D graphics?

Many thanks,

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RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by 9be42f24d3 cfcedda835 22 days ago

try 6.0.0004 RC1. llvmpipe is enabled by default and is much faster than in 0003.

RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Anonymous 21 days ago

Thanks, I downloaded 0004 RC1 from Replicant’s wiki.

However, I followed the step to upgrade (, but during the ‘Verifying signature’ process, it stopped and failed saying that the whole signature of the file could not be verified.

Also, I didn’t update the recovery image since I installed it for 0003 first installation.

Any clue?

RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by 9be42f24d3 cfcedda835 21 days ago

You need to update the recovery before you can install 0004 RC1. It will also require you to wipe the whole phone, so make a backup first.

RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Anonymous 21 days ago

Al right. After few days of test, I don’t think this is going to work for me. Honestly, I just got an old Samsung to test Replicant but it’s not fit for my needs. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Replicant community is doing a great job, but in my case, I prefer to revert back to my current phone (Fairphone 2 with AOSP but proprietary firmwares).

Do you know who I can contact at the Replicant project to donate my Samsung? At least, it can help for further tests.

RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Kurtis Hanna 20 days ago


Could you tell us first if you got the 0004 RC1 installed and, if so, what isn't going to work for you about it?


RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Anonymous 20 days ago

No for several reasons:
  • I noticed that the battery was not lasting very long compared to my current phone. I have very light usage (messages through SMS and Signal and audio calls) and usually, it lasts for several days. But with this one on Replicant, one day is the maximum I can squeeze out of it. I’d like to add that I bought a new battery (manufactured end of December 2019) and I installed BatteryFu to limit the mobile data usage.
  • Hence, I think using an external WiFi adapter is not possible because of the battery drain it would incur.
  • RC1 is not a stable version and I’d rather not use it for my main device. Also, I have to wipe out the data partition and move my data again in order to use this release, so I preferred to switch back to my current phone.

If it’s necessary, I can try to install 0004 RC1, but I wouldn’t use it as my main device. And, as I said, I would be happy to donate my device to help the development of Replicant.


RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Andrew - 20 days ago

Hi, I AM just thinking if It is not caused by signal push implementation where google services arę missing. There is even message that without google services IT will drain more battery. Currently i AM using Replikant for Simple calls and msg and battery can operate 4 days

RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Kurtis Hanna 19 days ago


The S2 is currently not the greatest option when it comes to battery life, with the regular battery at 1650mAh. I haven't heard of anyone testing them before with Replicant, but there do seem to be some 3600mAh extended batteries for sale for the i9100, which should more than double the life of the battery.

We would greatly appreciate a review of 0004 RC1 if you wouldn't mind, but no pressure. We also would likely accept your i9100 donation to help the development of Replicant. What continent would you be shipping it from?


RE: [S2 GT-I9100 - 6.0 0003] Improve llvmpipe speed - Added by Anonymous 19 days ago

Andrew - I’m not entirely sure because the battery management on Replicant did funny things. For instance, if I have 60% of battery and that I reboot the phone, it cannot because the start-up process drains too much battery and the phone switch off before completing the starting process. Also, when I set my phone to Airplane mode during the night, the battery level increases (e.g. from 60% to 75% in the morning). It’s very odd.

Kurtis Hanna I’ll try to install RC1 in a few days, but since I moved back my data to my current phone, I don’t really plan to move everything again on the I9100 to test. However, I can test basic apps and battery issues for sure.
I’m based in Europe so if I can send to an European country, that would make things easier.