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Added by Kete Foy about 1 year ago

Hello, I'm having trouble with the video recorder. The mp4 file that I created didn't play on my computer. The camera takes many seconds to start recording. It can crash my phone, too, causing a reboot. The last video I shot didn't show up in the Gallery nor in the Camera folder at first, but I found a couple test videos later. They wouldn't open, so I installed VLC. They still wouldn't open.

I can't find any info about the video recorder/camera. On one page, I see, "Screencast (this app opens, but only creates non-working video files in my tests)". (

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RE: Video Recorder - Added by tufek yamero 23 days ago

I also experiment this issue on a Galaxy S3 i9300 for both video recording and screencasting.

Is there any debug command doable to know where this bug come from?

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