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Hi there,

I know it's not directly related to replicant, but I think it touches the project as well. The Battery of my S3, which I bought used, is very weak, I can barely survive half a day with lte on, if it's off then I can use it some longer but it's not very comfortable to handle it like this.

Once asked here in the forum, I was recommended to buy extended batteries from hyperion ea, the gadgets they have seem quite nice, but they only ship within the us. Same goes for gorillagadget. Till now I found no alternatives for Europe.

As it seems even in hyperion ea and gorillagadget they just have products in stock, which are from a charge from 2013 or so. So next to the practical question, what can I do to get a new reliable battery, there comes up the point how lasting can the idea of using an old phone be, if there will be in some time no more batteries to use.

Or are you banking them at home to be safe for the next decade? ;)

What do you think on the whole topic, which also touches the problem, that with the time the availabilty of used devices in good condition will also disappear.

So if in some time I can't find a solution to my battery-problem I will end going back to linage os devices, which would be really sad for me.

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There are many stores throughout Europe specialized on the sale of replacement batteries for phones, laptops and other mobile devices. Every major European city has one of those stores and most ship to all European countries. It's still quite easy to find batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) on such stores, both online and offline.

Here are a few examples:

As you can see, there are still lots of batteries available. We will first face the issue of being unable to find 2nd hand devices in good condition, way before we can no longer buy replacement batteries for them.

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This is great information - thanks a lot!