Transfering Music

Added by Kete Foy over 3 years ago

How do I transfer music or podcasts from my computer to my phone? I tried Samba and Ghost Commander, but it's not transferring huge podcast files as well as music. I tried with a USB cable, but I can't browse the phone. I looked at android-tools- packages, but they are transitional in Debian or are used for images.

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RE: Transfering Music - Added by John Newtral over 3 years ago

I also tried with a USB OTG but it always warns me the pendrive is damaged.

Anyway, I use a card reader with the MicroSD.

RE: Transfering Music - Added by Xan VFR over 3 years ago

I connect PC and smartphone (USB configured to transfer files) with an USB cable and use adb to do it:

adb root
adb push PC_Music_Folder Smartphone_Music_Folder

Substitute those with the folders that suit your PC and smartphone and wait it to finish.