Added by Adam A about 1 month ago

I feel terrible asking this question as it's essentially blasphemy and goes even against my own ideals, but I'm going to ask it anyway, hopefully there won't be too much kickback.

Is there any way to use the proprietary software for the GPU? I understand that presently graphics rendering is done through software rendering and there is potentially the Lima driver in the distant future for new releases but in the meantime CPU rendering is just painfully slow.

Additionally, Is there an officially recommended way to remove default apps, mail, browser etc.

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RE: GPU - Added by Jack K about 1 month ago

I don't think you'll get many folks here wanting to help you do that. Maybe ask in the IRC room and someone will say "send me a PM"? It won't be me as I have no idea, other than to say install another custom ROM.

RE: GPU - Added by Adam A about 1 month ago

Totally understand and agree to be honest. :) Though I'm going to stick with Replicant. Will just live with the graphics issue.