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Added by Matthew B 9 months ago

I had been told recently that web browsing on Replicant didn't work on many sites.

The exact wording was "Web browsing is tricky, besides a very old version of icecat in F-droid archive (not sure it is still there), firefox derivatives tend to not work, i.e. many pages, even simple ones, won't display anything.".

Is this still true ? I had been thinking of getting a Samsung N2 with Replicant OS in the next few months and web browsing is a big use for my mobile devices.

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RE: Web Browsing Question - Added by Soufsouf Jacknet 8 months ago

Yes is same thing but with some improvement. old version of icecat is good too but not every ting works good. Somme error of display with both, The problème is with an old version of Webkit.

RE: Web Browsing Question - Added by First Last 7 months ago

Downgrading the browser will make the work more stable. Try Fennec 89.1.1.

Use F-droid archive repository for that.