GS2 and Verizon?

Added by Jade Levesque almost 5 years ago

Anyone happen to be using a GS2 with Replicant on Verizon Wireless?
If so, has it gone smoothly for you?

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RE: GS2 and Verizon? - Added by Libertas Tech almost 5 years ago

Hi, the GS2 variant that is supported by Replicant is the I9100, a GSM phone that does not work with Verizon's CDMA network. A GS2 variant for Verizon was never released (not that there would be a Replicant build for it anyway).

Suggest using a GSM carrier, with a supported international GSM device, if cellular telephony is needed (ex. t-mobile, simple mobile, etc.)

(I sell brand new pre-installed Replicant devices as well)