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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Device
1836ReplicantIssueNewNormalGalaxy Note 2 Wi-Fi; Seemingly open source drivers exist but are not included in Replicant?09/21/2017 08:00 PMWi-FiGalaxy Note 2 (N7100)
1835ReplicantIssueNewNormalInclude user-scripts in Replicant images09/18/2017 11:58 AM
1834ReplicantIssueNewNormalI9305 suddenly reboots (modem related)09/13/2017 03:03 PM
1833ReplicantFeatureNewNormalAdd possibility to update Replicant from within Replicant09/10/2017 06:12 PMBase applications
1832ReplicantIssueNewNormalAdd shell scripts for enabling/disabling llvmpipe09/10/2017 08:07 AMGraphics
1831ReplicantIssueNewNormalFix non-idempotent setup.sh09/10/2017 08:06 AMWi-Fi
1830ReplicantIssueNewNormalGitCoat installation messes up Replicant 6.0 on Samsung Galaxy SII (i9100)09/06/2017 07:19 PMInfrastructure (web, git)
1828ReplicantFeatureNewNormalDocument upstream antifeatures08/18/2017 12:32 PMWebsite and wiki information
1827ReplicantIssueNewNormalWhitePagesPeopleLookup privacy leaks?Fil Bergamo08/28/2017 10:09 PMUpstream antifeatures
1826ReplicantIssueNewNormalcannot find zipfile directoryPaul Kocialkowski09/03/2017 08:23 AMBuild systemGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1824ReplicantIssueNewNormalitalian fastweb SIM card not recognized08/30/2017 08:44 AMTelephony and mobile data
1822ReplicantFeatureNewNormalFormalize bounty system08/23/2017 11:07 PM
1820ReplicantFeatureNewNormalDo some testing on femtocellsDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli09/01/2017 12:57 PMWebsite and wiki information
1819ReplicantIssueNewNormalradiooptions command is returning an errorWolfgang Wiedmeyer07/18/2017 07:05 PMTelephony and mobile dataGalaxy S 2 (I9100)
1817ReplicantIssueFeedbackNormalloose root access and developer optionsFil Lupin08/13/2017 07:44 PMFrameworkGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1816ReplicantIssueFeedbackHigh"Encrypt Phone" crashes and sometimes sends the phone into a boot loopHarry Prevor08/13/2017 07:45 PMPrivacy and securityGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1813ReplicantFeatureNewNormalModem support for i9305Wolfgang Wiedmeyer07/15/2017 02:23 PMTelephony and mobile dataGalaxy S 3 4G (I9305)
1809ReplicantIssueNewHighNo SIM card No service reported but sim present08/25/2017 09:24 AMTelephony and mobile dataGalaxy S 3 (I9300)
1807ReplicantIssueNewNormalgit tag verification fails on cts in replicant-6.0 i9100 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer05/25/2017 02:22 PMBuild system
1806ReplicantFeatureNewNormalFind and document a way to reliably disable the modem via shell commands.Fil Bergamo08/28/2017 12:11 PMTelephony and mobile data
1805ReplicantIssueNewNormalShip a functional sshd_configWolfgang Wiedmeyer05/25/2017 03:57 PMWiki instructions
1804ReplicantIssueNewNormalAdd back menu entries and disable back buttonWolfgang Wiedmeyer06/15/2017 10:42 PMRecovery
1803ReplicantIssueNewNormalError-prone and confusing touchscreen interface in recoveryWolfgang Wiedmeyer06/14/2017 07:53 PMRecovery
1802ReplicantFeatureNewNormalReplicant 6.0 recovery lacks backup features07/15/2017 03:42 PMRecovery
1801ReplicantIssueNewNormalIntegrate RepWifi into ReplicantFil Bergamo08/30/2017 07:27 PMWi-Fi
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