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Need little help on fixing an issue on hardcoded alarm settings intent

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I replaced my Clock system-app, because of this:

Now, I want to use the 'dynamic tile' -> 'Alarm clock' of the 'quick settings panel' (to be found here: Settings -> System -> Quick Settings panel -> (Dynamic Tiles) Alarm clock [X]).

So If I create/activate an alarm, a clock symbol appears in the status bar. If I slide down the quick settings panel, the dynamic tile alarm clock appears, too. When I tabbed on that symbol in the past, with the AOSP Clock (DeskClock) installed, the alarm clock settings came up.
Now, the alternative alarm app doesn't come up, because the DeskClock app seems to be hardcoded to that quick settings tile.

Logcat says:
PID Event Message
2890 I ActivityManager START u0 {flg=0x14000000} from pid 3005
2890 W InputMethodManagerService Window already focused, ignoring focus gain of:$Stub$Proxy@4234bd80 attribute=null, token = android.os.BinderProxy@4203eae8

So I searched a bit and found a patch for that issue, here: which I brought to Replicant, (Fix-an-issue-on-hardcoded-alarm-settings-intent.patch attached).
But after successfully recompiling / reflashing the new Replicant image, the logcat message doesn't change and I still can't open alternative clock apps from the quick settings panel.

I've searched for more hardcoded parts inside the Replicant codebase, but can't find useful/related files:

find . -type f -exec grep -il "" {} \;
  • ./frameworks/base/tools/preload/20100223.compiled
  • ./frameworks/base/tools/preload/
  • ./frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml
  • ./packages/apps/LockClock/src/com/cyanogenmod/lockclock/misc/

It would be really great if somebody could give me a little help here.


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Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 8 years ago

Well, looks like ./packages/apps/LockClock/src/com/cyanogenmod/lockclock/misc/ has the name hardcoded in getDefaultAlarmsIntent, so perhaps the patch you applied also requires some more patching in there. Also, I'm not sure that declaring the permission in the manifest is enough, the permission probably has to be declared somewhere else to be effective.

It's probably not very straightforward to collect all the pieces needed for this to work, sadly.

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Note that this is not an issue about Replicant, you should bring this up in the forums if need be.


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