Issue #1782

Issue #1629: F-Droid does not respect the GNU free system distributions guidelines

F-droid Antifeature: NonFreeAdd definition unclear

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Current definition of the NonFreeAdd anti-feature:

the application promotes non-free add-ons, such that the app is effectively an advert for other non-free software and such software is not clearly labelled as such.

The last part makes it sound as it would be ok to promote non-free software as long as it is labeled as such. This would not be in compliance with the Free System Distribution Guidelines and it raises the question if there are apps included in F-Droid that advertise nonfree software and that are not marked with an anti-feature.


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Fixed with this commit

See the closed upstream bug for more information. All apps should be marked with NonFreeAdd if they promote nonfree software. There may only be the case that an app wasn't marked because the issue was already covered by a different antifeature like NonFreeDep.

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