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USB Tethering is providing address but no connectivity on 6.0

Added by la belette about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Galaxy S 3 (I9300)
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This was working correctly on 4.2
I am putting the phone on USB tethering mode.

- new interface is available on my computer
- dhcpclient is providing IP/GW/MASK/DNS correctly

Not working:
- sending any kind of traffic doesn't get any response

Doing exactly the same thing with a stock Android on the same computer is working.

I took a look through adb shell and tcpdump to the tethering interface and I don't see any traffic at all coming to the interface...

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Updated by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer about 7 years ago

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It works with the Galaxy Nexus, so it's probably a kernel-side issue and affects more devices, like the Note 2.

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It works now for me. I'm not sure what the reason is. You could try enabling ADB or disabling ADB and see if it makes a difference. The initial autoconnect sometimes fails. But it works after disconnecting and establishing the connection again.

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Updated by la belette almost 7 years ago

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
I tried everything (with / without ADB...) it is the same problem for me.
Interface is here, dhcp very fast to provide me addr/gw/dns.. but no connectivity at all

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Updated by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer almost 7 years ago

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Tested it once again after some time and it works fine. Does the log reveal anything unusual? Maybe there is something off with the routing?

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Updated by la belette almost 7 years ago


Short answer : kernel...
Long version : I was under Parabola (ArchLinux without the non-free and with a gnu linux kernel), it was around 4.11.X , I decided to go for Hyperbola (a fork of Parabola with a LTS kernel 4.9.31) and it is now working perfectly!
Have you made your test on a recent 4.11 kernel? Would be nice to check as I suspect something wrong their..

Many thanks

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Ok, thanks for reporting back what the issue was! I currently don't run such a recent kernel anywhere. At the time, I tested with an older kernel that had the Grsecurity patch. I had strange IPv6 routing issues with that kernel anyway, on different hosts with different network configurations/interfaces. I don't use Grsecurity anymore and I didn't experience such issues anymore.

I'm closing this issue then as this sounds like a regression in the mainline kernel or maybe a bug with an additional kernel patch that was supplied by the distro. I'll reopen if there is something we can do on the Replicant side or if more specific information is available, so we can add some hints to the wiki page.


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