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loose root access and developer options

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Galaxy S 3 (I9300)
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I installed replicant 6 a few days ago on my i9300.

I remember having accessed to several options which disappeared, for instance, when accessing Settings/developer option, I currently got "developer options are not available for this user" message while I remember getting a complete menu.

I also can't configured my phone to access it as a USB keystick. I simply can't find the option I used a few days ago.
I can't access to Settings/User option, it does not open.

In Settings/About phone, when clicking 7 times on Kernel version, I got a "Device Id is not available on this build" and SELinux is defined to enforcing (it seems to me it was different after installation but I am not sure).
However I am sure I had these rights after installation since I got adb access and USB keystick access to transfer files.
I can not access to my phone with adb, I do not know if this is linked.

Could it be my device which has been "unrooted" during process? I had to flash modem image back when I had EFS problem.
I have access to recovery and download mode.
At least, I need to access my phone as USB keystick to save backup and install the phone again.
Do you know how to do that?

Thank you for your help.


Updated by Fil Lupin over 4 years ago

The only solution I found was by reinstall replicant-4.2 and install back replicant 6.


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Without logs from the main buffer, it's all just guesswork. Was this still with the data from Replicant 4.2 and without a data wipe? If so, then this might be the cause. Or you somehow managed to switch to a new user profile that is less privileged which would explain the access restrictions.

SELinux is always in enforcing mode. Flashing a different radio image shouldn't cause these issues.


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