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Formalize bounty system

Added by Amarpreet Minhas about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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There has been conversation on and off in IRC about how to implement a bounty system for issues/feature requests.

The donations page via FSF's webpage ( don't have a comment section or any way to specify why the donation is being made, so maybe updating that might be enough.


#1 Updated by shuckle fisher about 1 year ago

I emailed the fsf about this, and they said that changing the form on their site wasn't possible at this time. They suggested that people who comment on the Replicant issue tracker could indicate that they have donated, and how much, to a particular issue/feature. Not ideal, but it might be ok if it is formalized in some way. Is there a treasurer for the project?

#2 Updated by Fil Bergamo 12 months ago

shuckle fisher wrote:

Is there a treasurer for the project?

AFAIK, the "treasurer" is the FSF itself, as money gets donated to Replicant through the FSF, which receives and holds the money, until someone on behalf of the Replicant project asks them for funds.
If I recall correctly, the FSF has a specific policy for releasing funds to the Replicant project, and requests for funds must be compliant to that policy.
I don't know what the policy is, though.

Also, If I recall correctly, RMS told me once that Replicant maintainers aren't directly aware of single donations, and they possibly don't know the total amount of money that has been donated, as everything is managed by the FSF, and maintainers only ask for funds when they need them.

I could be wrong in some of the things I remembered above, but all the same, I second this request for a clarification and formalization of the way donations are managed.

#3 Updated by shuckle fisher 12 months ago

Lately I have been donating to the project at the end of the month via the FSF link above. From now on when I do this, I'll post a comment onto the feature/issue I'm interested in saying that I "donated" to that particular issue.

I'm not a developer, so I can only infer what I think would be most beneficial to the project's overall success. It might be nice to have urgency vs difficulty estimates somewhere on the issue tracker to help donations get pointed in the right direction :)

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