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Probable support in mainline for S3neo(I9301) with lk2nd

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Seams like S3neo(I9301) uses a chipset family supported and used by
lk2nd. Ounce replicant 11 is released might be smart to look into this

Thiss might be a quute simple port given the are common hardware here and what is not is easily supported in mainline.

A grant for supporting this device would probably be not that hard to get as well and this could unlock current bootloader problems with I9300

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As I understand, that device doesn't have an isolated modem.

To properly isolate the modem we would also need a free software bootloader or find a way to completely disable the modem.

So this makes it very complicated to support in Replicant. However it is still interesting to document that device in the wiki and the Replicant project is not against collaborating with other projects (including Replicant forks) to enable that device to be supported by free software GNU/Linux or Android distributions.

I've also added some documentation1 to explain better how we can collaborate with other projects in this case.

As for supporting devices, the Pinephone looks a better candidate for Replicant as it also has mainline support, and the transport between the modem and the Allwinner SOC is USB, so we can manage to isolate the modem by making sure that the bootloader doesn't support USB, and by using usbguard or usb whitelist in the Linux kernel to make sure that the modem cannot become a keyboard (and type commands in a shell) for instance.


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Thanks for feedback, I will move this to wiki then

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