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Galaxy Nexus: Minor issues with FOSS modem drivers.

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Telephony and mobile data
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Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250), Galaxy Nexus (I9250)
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*) Calling *DATA# fails opens a dialog box with the message "USSD ###########". Text messages do work, however.

*) Cellular signal strength icon is inaccurate.

*) Every few weeks (on average) the data connection drops out until reset by toggling airplane mode. GSM connectivity may be independent.

All tolerable issues, device is still quite usable.

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  • USSD is known not to work reliably (the code has magic in it and it wasn't tested a lot), this is for all Samsung devices
  • I'll look about signal strength, it affects other Samsung devices as well
  • We strictly implement the protocol to setup data connectivity and there isn't much more we can do: all errors reported by the modem are being taken in account, but when the modem doesn't report anything, we can't guess and restart the connection.

Thanks for the report :)

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Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 9 years ago

Signal strength should be fixed in git.

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Updated by Robert Sink over 8 years ago

honestly, I think this issue should be marked as resolved/closed. USSD codes usually only work on the [closed source] shipped rom that comes on a phone. I kind of consider these a backdoor; they are definitely carrier codes. On some devices, I've found throwing the phone into QDM from these codes can be helpful [to further microscope or hack with some tools], but there are other malicious USSD code(s) as well that can wipe data, etc. PaulK has apparently fixed signal strenth, and the connectivity is not specific enough to do anything about. Since you guys are free; I definitely wouldn't enable all USSD codes ;)

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Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 8 years ago

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I am pretty sure USSD works with CyanogenMod. You may be confusing USSD with Samsung Service Mode codes, which are triggered about the same way (through dialing special numbers in the Phone app) but are very different things. There is free software support for some of the Samsung Servie Mode codes that trigger some modem configuration interface. This is properly supported by Samsung-RIL.

I'll keep the issue open because USSD codes are still not working properly (they are not used by my operator so I have no way to test and improve the situation).

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Migrated the USSD remaining issue at #1569


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