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CDMA Galaxy Nexus (toro)

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Telephony and mobile data
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Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250), Galaxy Nexus (I9250)
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With the new release of Replicant for the Galaxy Nexus, I'd love to be able to run it on my CDMA Galaxy Nexus. The GSM version does work, but the modem doesn't work, and since wi-fi/bluetooth needs non-free firmware, there is no way to get any connection outside of USB.

It'd be nice to have a CDMA build, but I'm not sure how possible it'd be.


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski almost 9 years ago

There is indeed no support for CDMA in Replicant. The main reason is that all the Replicant developers are in Europe, where CDMA is not common or not used at all. Since we wrote the component that handles telephony, sms, data, etc (the RIL) ourselves, we can't provide CDMA support.
We would need a developer with a CDMA phone living in a country where CDMA is used to start adding support for it. Also, there may be certificates issues with CDMA2000 (I don't exactly know what it is or if it's really gonna be an issue, but this may prevent us from having CDMA support at all).


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We're unlikely to add support for CDMA device soon (unless someone is ready to do it).


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