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Replicant rings indefinitay with no user action.

Added by Anonymous almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Telephony and mobile data
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HTC Dream
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I am using replicant 2.2 (0009) on the HTC Dream. When someone calls if I do not answer the phone keeps ringing forever. Even after the person on the other end has either hung up or left a message. Hanging up also does not work and the phone requires a reboot.


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski almost 10 years ago

Please provide a log when this happens, that you can obtain with:
adb logcat -b radio
and attach it to this ticket so we can investigate the issue.


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski almost 10 years ago

"adb logcat -b radio" is to run on the host PC with the device connected. You can also use the aLogcat Android app (it's free software available in FDroid).


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 9 years ago

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As usual, we need logs to investigate the issue. You can get these running: adb logcat -b radio from your PC with the device connected via USB.


Updated by Brian Kemp over 9 years ago

I am unable to reproduce this with my HTC Dream PVT 32B running Replicant 0009. After a set number of rings my caller gets forwarded to voicemail, and Replicant properly reports a missed call.

Operator is T-Mobile.

I can attach sanitized logs if need be.


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Replicant 2.2 is not developed anymore.

If someone wants to fix it the bug can be reopened.



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