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Impossible to use / update the super user app

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Galaxy S (I9000)
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Impossible to user the super user app.

At the firt start after install, there is a notification about updating the super user app, when I click on it there is no way to update it any option gets an error.

I think there is the same problem even if we ignore that notification and try to do for instance a su command in the terminal emulator.


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 8 years ago

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Thanks for the report -- I've seen that as well. That's a problem that we will solve in the next release, sorry for the inconvenience.


Updated by Andrew Engelbrecht over 8 years ago

i think you are seeing this problem because your phone isn't rooted. (?) the following guide worked for me, on my galaxy s2 with the replicant 4.0 0003 image installed.

i didn't follow the instructions to the letter (like using the 'unzip' command instead of downloading 7-zip, etc.) Your mileage may vary, i.e. things could go very wrong.


Updated by Chapman Shoop about 8 years ago

+1 on the Samsung Nexus S running 4.0 0003

I haven't tried the rooting instructions on the f-droid wiki but I also haven't run into any problems yet using the phone...maybe I'll just wait for the next release to clear this up.


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski about 8 years ago

This affects all devices in the last release. The next release will fix this up indeed.


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski about 8 years ago

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This was fixed in the latest release.


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