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Replicant mobile signal disconnection

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Telephony and mobile data
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HTC Magic
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After a long period of time, the data connection on my HTC Magic 32B disappears (the '3G' or 'E' icon stops appearing) and any attempt to use the mobile data connection ends in a failure to resolve a server.
Whenever a voice call is placed when this happens, it will be stuck on the Dialling screen without connecting through.
Also whenever the device is placed into Airplane mode in this state, the option will be greyed out but it will never disconnect from the network i.e. bars still show up in the status bar.

Files (357 Bytes) /etc Lady cuyik, 08/26/2013 01:19 AM

Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 9 years ago

Thanks for the report. The log gives us exactly what we wanted to know. The problem here is that I forgot to import the device-specific code to disable data. Please use 0008 images, which shouldn't have this bug, until we release a newer set of images with the fix.


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Updated by Lady cuyik about 8 years ago

Update config


Updated by Paul Kocialkowski about 8 years ago

We are not going to fix Replicant 2.2 nor release any new version unless someone decides to get involved to do this task.


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Replicant 2.2 is not developed anymore.
And no current Replicant developer has an HTC Magic.

If someone wants to fix it the bug can be reopened.



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