Issue #87

Data stops working after a while on Nexus S

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Status:Closed Start date:03/03/2012
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Assignee:Paul Kocialkowski % Done:


Category:Telephony and mobile data
Target version:Replicant 2.3
Resolution:fixed Device:Nexus S (I902x)


Data was working, then I went for a short walk with the phone, and during that time data stopped working. The 3G transmit arrow lights up when trying to visit a site, but the receive arrow never does. The walk may have involved a short period of losing service (stairwell) -- I know that on the Dream, data often does not come back after losing service. I've attached the output of adb logcat -b radio when trying to visit a site.This using the most recent RIL from paulk, on top of the most recent preview image.

data.txt (63 kB) Anonymous, 03/03/2012 07:34 pm


Updated by John Sullivan about 5 years ago

Turning data off and then back on makes it work again.

Updated by Paul Kocialkowski almost 5 years ago

Latest RIL in git will handle unsolicited disconnection events when reported by the modem. A lot more was improved about data.

Please try again with newer images, as soon as they are out!

Updated by Paul Kocialkowski over 4 years ago

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Please reopen the issue if the problem still occurs often. Note that in some cases, it can also be unrelated to our software but hardware connection issues.

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